In an effort to get caught up and make samples for my upcoming Dallas show (sometime during the third week of October), all orders starting 9/29 will not begin processing until 10/6 at the very earliest. Thank you for your patience as we get ready to bring out some awesome new things for the holidays!
Pleated Masks for Adults
Pleated Masks for AdultsPleated Masks for Adults

    Made of soft, jersey knit, like your favorite t-shirt, these pleated, white cotton masks are easy to breathe in.  Available in Tiny Flowers or Hippie with an all over placement. Click here for Contoured Masks with side name, monogram, or embellishment.

    Fits most.

    **Don't forget we carry Cosmo Mask Bags for keeping masks clean in your purse!

    Disclaimer:  Masks are washable and reusable. (We recommend washing before first use to sanitize.) They are not a replacement for medical grade protective equipment. If you need that type of equipment please consult a healthcare professional.  Our masks do not replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and refrain from touching your face.

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